Swerve vs Truvia vs Bochasweet


The main difference between swerve, truvia & bochasweet is swerve & bochasweet is more natural than truvia. They all keto friendly, zero calories & zero carbs. Erythritol is in both swerve & truvia. Truvia has stevia as an ingredient but bochasweet is whole made from kabocha pumpkin.

What is Swerve?

Swerve the ultimate sugar replacement. this is a very popular product. This is the popular sweetener next to monk fruit it’s non-gmo. it’s a hefty bag. It measures like sugar, tastes like sugar, gluten free, diabetes friendly, bakes like sugar, non glycemic, tummy friendly, keto friendly, it smelled like regular white baking flour. it doesn’t smell like anything sweet. it’s not that sweet. It doesn’t have any bad aftertaste & any menthol mentally cooling sensation. It’s just when you first taste it, it feels cold to the touch.

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What is truvia?

Truvia is a natural sweetener comes from the stevia plant. so it’s natural. Its included erythritol and some natural flavors too. it’s not artificial like some of the other sweeteners that are available on the market. it’s got zero calories. There’s no protein, no fat, no sodium. so it’s good .You can just add a little bit from the packet until your tea or coffee sweet as you want .It is very sweet compared to table sugar. and so if you’re used to table sugar you’re gonna have to kind of find your your taste your adjustment for that.

What is bochasweet?

BochaSweet have zero calories, zero carbs. Its made from extract of the kabocha, a pumpkin-like squash from Japan. It measures like sugar and it’s pet safe. it is a five-carbon pentose. So structurally it’s a little similar to xylitol it’s not xylitol. BochaSweet is safe for pets. Bochasweet doesn’t spiking of the insulin when you consume this. It tastes like sugar. it’s pure it’s clean. there’s no aftertaste. if you put this on a spoon and you put it in someone’s mouth blindfold they would not know that this wasn’t sugar .It’s  non-gmo high purity kabocha extract that is zero glycemic, zero calorie and has a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth. The downsides are is very expensive & it doesn’t caramelize

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