Swerve vs Splenda


The main difference between swerve & splenda is splenda has 0.5g carbs and 2 calories per teaspoon while swerve has zero calories. The main ingredient in swerve is erythritol and splenda is a mix of Sucralose, maltodextrin and dextrose

What is swerve

Avoid sugar replacements because It can cause some digestive issues. if you’ve ever had some of those diabetic friendly candies the chocolate ones you know exactly what I’m talking about.But you have to realize erythritol, the main ingredient in swerve is erythritol. It’s quite different than the other sugar alcohols. specifically it has a very high digestive tolerance. so you’re not going to get those GI issues that are associated with things like xylitol or malitol at all. That actually is metabolized completely differently than the other sugar alcohols as well .Erythritol is zero calories where the other sugar alcohols are just a slight reduction in calories versus sugar.

One other thing to think about is xylitol is toxic to dogs. if your dog even gets into a pack of chewing gum that is sweetened with xylitol, it can be lethal. If you’re using swerve, no worries whatsoever.  For all my keto friends out there, it’s zero net carbs, it’s great for diabetics because if you’re gonna have some sweet treats or you’re gonna bake some goods, this does not cause your sugar levels to spike. so it’s great for that keeping your glycemic levels

cookies baked with sugar alternatives

What is splenda

Now, we are going to discuss what is splenda. In this age of fast food, it is becoming crucial that people have control on their calorie intake. Calories not only make one fat but also increase the risk of heart diseases. Everyone loves baked products or sweets. We all take tea or coffee every day. Most of us use sugar as a sweetener. Sugar has a high-calorie rating. Sugar is also a no go for the diabetics. The number of diabetic patients is increasing day by day. So we need an alternate sweetener to sugar. We already have saccharin, but have some side effects.

Sucralose is sold as splenda. But splensda has few more ingredients maltodextrin and dextrose. Those two ingredients have carbs. Splenda has a distinct aftertaste also. sucralose is sold in granulated form and its 600 times sweeter than normal sugar. This granulated form can be used as you would use sugar..

Sucralose is hygroscopic. Sucralose does not attract moisture as sugar does. So the baked products will be drier than products made using sugar. Using sucralose instead of sugar is a smart choice. It is healthy and contains almost no calorie. It is specially a suitable choice for the diabetic patients. The FDA has approved sucralose as a safe alternate to traditional sugar. Sucralose is the best artificial sweetener one may get now.

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