Zinc Chelate vs Zinc Picolinate


Zinc chelate is far more better than zinc picolinate because zinc picolinate get in to the human internal organs and tissues with picolinic acid. So your internal organs and tissues can get too much picolinic acid. It also can reduce iron level

Zinc Chelate

For those of you who are having problems absorbing zinc from supplements this chelated zinc is a great alternative. because it usually absorbs better and the amount of 25 milligrams per day is actually a great amount, it’s about twice what you need daily which is great in to taking a supplement form. The recommended dose here is that you want to tablets per day but I think two tablets 15 milligrams per day it’s a little bit too high. unless you’re going through some kind of an infection or battling some kind of a virus then you should up the dose a little bit because zinc is very involved in the immune function and fighting all viruses and infections .besides that is great for your hair, skin, nails all that.

zinc tablets

you must have your zinc throughout your body that’s going to keep you healthy it’s going to build your immune system this is involved in many different metabolic functions it’s important for wound healing in your sense of taste and smell.

so over here we got the chilated zinc is the better form of more absorbable type of zinc and Solegar gluten wheat and dairy free supplement. as well as suitable for vegans.

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