Difference Between Sports Drinks


Gatorade vs Body armor

The main difference is Gatorade use organic sugar ( some varieties use dextrose) and contains high levels of food dyes. Gatorade is, it’s high-sugar drink and it can spike your blood sugar levels. Body Armor also contains organic cane sugar and has lower calories compared to Gatorade. To me, Body armor the healthiest electrolyte drinks on the market.

Liquid iv vs Gatorade

The main difference is liquid iv has less sugar and more electrolytes than Gatorade. So its more healthy.

Electrolit vs Pedialyte

The main difference is Pedialyte more sugar and calories than Electrolit but contains more sodium and potassium. Electrolit is much thinner and easy to swallow and also its doesn’t have aftertaste.

Pedialyte vs Powerade

The main difference is Pedialyte have lower sugar content and more vitamins and minerals than Powerade . Pedialyte more sodium than Powerade and also Powerade contains high fructose corn syrup.

Pedialyte vs Body armor

The main difference is Body armor contains coconut water and has lots of added vitamins, which is good for your body. It contains very little sugar more natural compared to pedialyte

Pedialyte vs Propel

The main difference is Propel contains artificial sweetener with zero calories while pedialyte contains more calories. To me i’ll choose propel

Propel vs Powerade

‘The main difference is propel contains zero calories and no colors while powerade has lot more sugar and calories

Bodyarmor vs Powerade

Because body armor use coconut water its more healthier and natural than powerade. Also contains more potassium.Bosy armor has cane sugar but its far more better than high fructose corn syrup used by powerade

Why drink sports drink?

one thing that’s commonly said about intense exercise is the fact that you lose a lot of electrolytes. and these sports drinks are really good at replenishing those electrolytes. what even are electrolytes and what do they do in your body.

electrolytes are ions like sodium potassium and chloride that produce electrical charges in order to maintain the proper balance of water flowing in and out of your cells as well as to conduct electrical nerve impulses. they are also important at maintaining something called homeostasis which is an overall balance of health. in fact if any one of these electrolytes get too high or too low you wouldn’t be able to live. so like we said before the perceived benefit of these sports drinks is that they’re able to replace these electrolytes efficiently especially when you sweat a lot.

Water is good if you’re doing simple exercises

let me explain based on the current scientific studies available there’s actually little to no evidence that these sports drinks adequately keep you hydrated and replace your electrolytes better than just plain old water. in fact people generally get enough electrolytes that are lost while working out through their diet alone. generally if you’re training about an hour or less water is adequate and even preferred because you really don’t lose that many electrolytes.

Sports drinks are good if you’re doing rigorous exercise as a performance athlete

However if you’re doing endurance training or rigorous exercise as a performance athlete you need fuel sources in order to keep those performance levels elevated which can be in the form of glucose or any type of food. in these cases the sports drinks act more as a source of glucose rather than a source of electrolyte repletion. the problem with these sports drinks is the amount of sugar that they have in them. these can sometimes be equivalent to having a can of pot or soda for you and the rest of the world. this may not be that big of a deal for one sports drink. but if you’re drinking a lot of gatorade or powerade throughout the day. that’s a lot of calories and sugar that can add up very quickly. plus they contain other unhealthy ingredients like dyes and monosodium glutamate.

so the general consensus is if you’re not rigorously working out or doing extended endurance training, they’re probably not the best to drink based on the amount of sugar and the number of calories.

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