Erythritol vs Swerve


The main difference between erythritol and swerve is erythritol is known as natural sugar and swerve is a sugar replacement that include erythritol.

What is erythritol?

Erythritol is a natural sugar which can be called as natural sugar alcohol or a type of sugar substitute. This type of substitute is used in many different countries all over the world. It is known as a carbohydrate which is generally found in various fruits and vegetables. It is not any kind of artificial substitute made in laboratories. It is a natural sugar alcohol that has been extracted naturally from the fruits and vegetables. Not all vegetables have this natural sugar substance but some vegetables do have this natural substance. It is the natural sugar alcohol that is being extracted from the natural fermentation of the glucose. This glucose is formed from a natural enzymatic breakdown of starch. Both the substitute’s glucose and Erythritol are found in the nature in different fruits and vegetables.

Swerve is sugar replacement for baking

What is swerve?

Swerve called the ultimate sugar replacement and basically this is a replacement for sugar mainly in baking or cooking. so it’s a cooking sugar. So nutrition facts state that the serving size is one teaspoon three grams and in that teaspoon, there is zero total calories which is a great start. No fat, which we would expect would be no fat in regular sugar as well anyway . So no fat, no sodium, which doesn’t matter either way to us and then we get down to what’s critical for low carb obviously is what are the carbohydrates. So the total carbohydrates are listed at three grams including zero total added sugars. but there is three grams of erythritol. So we’ve got to decide is erythritol. Those three grams coming from the erythritol going to make it something that is not low carb or keto friendly. Erythritol is going to be something that is keto and low carb friendly. Erythritol it has a zero on the glycemic index so it will not elevate your insulin levels and shut off fat loss and all the things negative that we don’t want when we are introducing carbohydrates into our body.

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