How Rare Are Purple Eyes?


Very rare. Purple eyes are extremely rarer than blue, hazel, green, brown, grey, amber color eyes. So it’s less than Less than 1% of the earth population.

scientists used to think that it was just one gene that determined your eye color you got. one from your mom a copy from your dad and that was it? That’s how you figured out what colored eyes you were going to have and that’s why two blue-eyed parents they thought could never have a brown eyed child. Well that’s been shown to be false. That simple inheritance pattern that’s not actually how we figure out eye color. In fact The Inheritance is much more complex. 

So many genes work together to be able to figure out what color eyes you have. so it depends on your parents eye color, but also you your relatives and all of these genes that you might not have full expression of. but can affect your color subtly.

purple eye lady

How eye color is determined?

so eye color is based on how much melanin your body makes. melanin is of course the pigment that gives color to your skin

What is the iris?

so that is the part of your eye that gives the color. It’s actually a muscle and in the middle of it is the opening called the pupil. the black hole. So the pupil is not actually a structure it’s an absence of anything. it has the top layer which is the stroma and then the bottom layer which is dark in everybody even in the blue eyed people which is called the iris pigment epithelium. But the stroma is what distinguishes between blue eye vs green eye vs brown eyes. the amount of melanin in that particular area is what gives your eyes color.

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