Eyebrow Slits


Eyebrow slits are simply cutting one or more thin vertical cuts along with the eyebrow hair. The trend was started from in the ‘90s with hip hop artists. It started in 80’s with artist called Big Daddy Kane and disappeared from the world and come back into fashion at least 3 times since then. It is cultural appropriation because it was taken from a black rapper originally and the name was changed to slits when the origin name is cuts. After few decades some YouTubers, TikTokers & bloggers came this trend again to live. But strictly aesthetically speaking, eyebrow slits are HOT. Back in the 90’s it’s called as tram lines.

Is eyebrow slit lgbtq?

It really isn’t an LGBTQ+ thing, it’s an everyone thing. It’s called an eyebrow cut, and it’s not associated with any particular sexuality, it’s a fashion trend. It started as a hip-hop thing and now it’s just trendy among young lgbt people. But now TikTok lesbians have picked up that style to signal each other. TikTok says it’s for lesbians and showing LGBTQ status. Again, according to TikTok. Read about suctional

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