Winlevi vs Spironolactone


So Winlevi is the topical version of spironolactone & it can work faster than oral Spironolactone. They’re essentially counter balancing the effects of testosterone on the oil gland. and therefore you have decreased oil production, your oil can’t help clog your pores and you have less acne. so a lot of people hear about the use of spironolactone for the treatment of hormonal acne.

How spironolactone works for cure acnes

spironolactone is what we call a potassium sparing diuretic meaning that it is essentially a water pill that helps people eliminate excess fluid from their body without peeing out excess potassium. now that has absolutely nothing to do with how spironolactone leads to the improvement of acne. but i mention it because spironolactone has had an fda approval since 1960 to help with other health conditions like high blood pressure or heart failure things where someone might carry excess fluid that negatively affects their health.

what they found is that spironolactone doesn’t just act on receptors in the body that manage fluid retention or fluid balance, but that it also acts on something called androgen receptors. androgens as a reminder are a category of hormone that circulate in the body and include things like testosterone and you have androgen receptors all over your body including in your skin they’re attached to the oil gland. A spironolactone molecule is the perfect size and shape to essentially bind to an androgen receptor on your oil gland and when it’s bound there testosterone is unable to bind it’s like spironolactone stole testosterone’s parking spot and if testosterone is unable to bind and stimulate that oil gland you don’t get an excess production of oil. and acne is caused by a plug forming in your hair follicles of dead skin cells and sebum or oil. so if you’re able to regulate that oil production you are then able to decrease the chance of forming a plug in your follicle and thus less likely to form a pimple or acne.


Topical vs Oral

for example you have really poor kidney function that would be a reason to not be on oral spironolactone or you have really low blood pressure that would be a reason to not be on oral spironolactone. if you are male i would not put you on oral spironolactone for the treatment of your acne so topical spironolactone might be a good option t

Side effects

so remember spironolactone is a potassium sparing diuretic meaning that it helps you pee out excess fluid and hold on to potassium. so some side effects are potentially related to that you could get light-headed or dizzy if you were to get dehydrated you could have a headache. those are probably the most common things or you could even appreciate feeling like you have to go pee more often or more intensely.

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