Stroma Laser Eye Color Change


So there are these two lasers to change eye color. one of them is called Stroma (after the iris stroma) and the other one is called Irex. neither of them is available in the United States. the stroma has customers and patients in Mexico and Costa Rica. I think about 20 patients in Mexico and about 10 to 15 in Costa Rica. the Irex has some people in England and in Europe that have used this particular Laser.

How Stroma laser work?

They use this laser onto the stroma. so they’re targeting the pigment granules in the darker eyes because in blue eyes there is no pigment cranials. so blue eyes look blue not because there’s blue pigment but because there’s an absence of pigment and what we’re seeing is light reflecting on the collagen and the internal structures of the eye. so blue blue eyes are just a lack of pigment. but what most of these people want is to take their brown eyes and make them lighter. so they are removing the pigment and it can take a couple of sessions as many as three to five sessions depending on how light you want your eye color.

What are the side effects?

so that of course brings up the fact well where does that pigment go and that’s why ophthalmologists don’t like either of these lasers. we don’t recommend them because if the pigment is getting released and it can take time for your eye to actually release all of the pigment after the laser it can clog the drainage devices of your eye.

Now I know that the stroma medical people have said that they have no cases of that in their particular patients. but it’s very hard to find any studies on the Irex or the stroma lasers.

In addition the pigment can cause inflammation because it could just be floating around in the front surface of your eye. and when you are releasing the pigment perhaps if you take too much pigment it might also cause extreme light sensitivity. it’s very well known that blue-eyed individuals do tend to be more light sensitive than brown-eyed individuals. because the brown eyed individuals have melanin to protect against the Sun. so that’s why your blue-eyed friends definitely always want their sunglasses when they’re Outdoors

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