King Spa vs Spa Castle


The main difference is King Spa is significantly smaller than Spa Castle. Spa Castle has many food stations, dry areas are bigger and has boutique hotel. Scenery of Spa Castle is also good because it is outdoor.

Spa Castle review

The water is actually really nicely warm and heated even though the outside air is pretty cold. so it feels feels like a nice contrast. I spent a bunch of time outside just getting blasted by all the different jet options. Then after getting sufficiently hammered, I went to the hot tub which it’s very nice. more in contact with the cold air. it’s got a lot of bubbles got a lot of foam.


They have a whole bunch of different sauna rooms. so excited to try them out. My first stop is the Himalayan salt room sauna. I kinda expected the air to smell or taste salty or something like that but nope it was just normal air.

The base Rock Room. which apparently uses a patented Stone like I had no idea that you could patent a stone.

I just got out of the face Rock room and that was Heavenly. it was like a really nice comfortable warm, not too hot you know and honestly it kind of felt nice to lie on the Rock.

Then I checked out by far the most fancy looking sauna the Gold Pyramid one and honestly I have no additional commentary I guess it was a very golden.

well I just checked out three of the saunas and they were all very nice but also I feel like I’m starting to get a bit lightheaded because it’s so warm inside. 

after all this saunting, I decided that I was a bit hungry so it was time to go upstairs for a snack break. I got a bulgogi burrito, which tasted great but was honestly pretty overpriced.

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