Does Splenda Contain Erythritol?


No. Splenda doesn’t have Erythritol. But more than 90% of splenda has filler called maltodextrin & dextrose. Erythritol is made by mainly fermenting corn. According to latest research, Erythritol is still better than Splenda.

New study report

New study that was just published in 2022. so what they found was that saccharine, sucralose ( splenda) , aspartame and Stevia, all four they all altered both the intestinal and the oral microbiome. This is important because this really well designed study goes against some of the previous data which wasn’t as well designed and had a higher risk of bias going on. This one is really well designed and what it shows is all non-nutritive sweeteners, all four of them in this case, they all Impact it.

Saccharin and Splenda

Then on top of that saccharin and Sucralose they actually raised the sugar more inside the body going on. so there was higher glucose. So in other words these two non-nutrient sweeteners, their response on sugar was definitely higher compared to previous experiment data that said you know if you take any of these things it’s not going to affect you. 

Sweetener to coffee

Aspartame and Stevia

On the other hand aspartame and Stevia did not affect any of the glucose tolerance tests going on. But when it came to things like Stevia, Stevia actually had higher levels of plasma insulin going on. and what insulin is going to do it’s going to take your calories if you’re not using them and it’s going to shuttle them into fat going on. Read more about erythritol

Bottom line

So a lot of information going on let’s summarize and make sure that you understand the bottom line here. So as you think about it the bottom line here is that when we say that non-nutritive sweeteners are inert, I don’t think that’s the case. if anything non-nutritive sweeteners, whether it’s sucralose going on or splenda or Stevia or saccharin going on or aspartame going on, they do affect your gut microbiome, they do affect your glucose tolerance test specifically Splenda and they do affect the insulin and how much insulin is secreted in your body specifically with stevia .

so as you’re thinking about this and saying well what should I do in my own diet. It’s very simple to try to reach for whole foods and always have a First Choice going on. and if you are somebody who likes a little bit of sugar that’s fine. just realize that it’s not the end-all be-all and if you have cravings for it, you have to make sure that you’re able to control those. So for several years now I never put any sugar in my coffee, my coffee always has a little bit of unsweetened almond milk and that tastes plenty sweet for me going on. so it worked great. but that doesn’t mean that would work good for you.

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