Does Splenda Contain Aspartame?


No. Splenda doesn’t have Aspartame. Splenda have mainly dextrose and Aspartame made with two amino acids.

How splenda make?

The way that you make splenda is to actually change sucrose, so to actually change sugar, and change it by removing one molecule and adding chlorine to it. We know that chlorine does harm the gut bacteria, does change the gut microbiome and does create inflammation in the body. and may over time actually lead to obesity and diabetes.

Now there are no long-term studies on this. good animal data as you just stated and potentially in practice as well we don’t see it but here’s the thing.

Sweetener on cookie


Aspartame the same thing aspartame is actually much worse. So aspartame a lot of the issues we see are in children too. we’re talking about learning disabilities, we’re talking about neurological issues, you take kids off a lot of these artificial sweeteners and drinks that they’re getting, and all of a sudden a lot of these ticks and neurological issues just go away. Same with migraines. I’ve seen so many people in my practice stop drinking diet coke diet sodas and all these artificial sweeteners and all of a sudden the anxiety, the headaches, the migraines all of those things start to drop down. And again neurological issues as well.

I’m in clinical practice but again I feel it’s a moot point. because what are we really talking about there are plenty of safe alternatives and even zero calorie if you’re looking for zero calorie.

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