Erythritol vs Aspartame


Main difference is Erythritol have zero calories but Aspartame contains some calories. Latest reports suggest that Aspartame linked to Anxiety and strokes. So its bad for your health.


on the internet you can find claims that aspartame causes all kinds of negative health effects. ranging from headaches to cancer to strokes. Latest news published said it has more chance linked to anxiety and strokes. but more than 200 studies have shown that aspartame is safe and that there’s no basis for any of these claims. aspartame is also in other foods we eat every day.It has been around a long time it was approved more than 30 years ago by the US Food and Drug Administration which continues to regard it as safe.

However  people with a very rare inherited condition known as PKU must avoid phenylalanine. that’s one of the amino acids found in aspartame as well as other foods. but this applies to a very small number of people for everyone else including children women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and people with diabetes aspartame is safe to consume

muffin sweetened with erythritol

Now when it comes to cutting calories the benefits of aspartame are clear for example orange gelatin with sugar has 70 calories per serving while the version sweetened with aspartame contains just 10 .and regular soda has 140 calories per 12 ounce can while a diet soda has zero. that’s a big savings. still aspartame is not a magic bullet when it comes to controlling your weight. it’s just one tool. so don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s okay to routinely go for that giant plate of fettucini alfredo. just because you’re also drinking a diet soda .


Erythritol is a form of sugar alcohol. Now these are neither sugars nor alcohols. in my opinion a very poorly worded name for them. but we don’t have a better name thus far .now these are found in many natural sources like fruits.

So are these good for you?

well generally indications point to yes. there may be the occasional situation in which you have to temporarily avoid it for for a couple of different very specific health conditions. but pretty much any food is not going to be perfect for 100 of people 100 of the time.

erythritol this is generally just made from corn cobs. and that’s the big reason why i don’t generally use erythritol. well there’s a couple more but that’s the main one. And that’s because the gmo contamination and the roundup contamination concern is too high for my personal liking. the other thing is that they have different flavors and different levels of sweetness. erythritol also has a different flavor profile to it. that’s more of headed in the direction of slightly tart sour .

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