Teacup Yorkie For Sale Up To $400


When you are looking at a puppy or especially a yorkie, everybody is pretty concerned about size. You can buy Teacup Yorkie for $400 from Facebook group. There are tons of groups available for dog selling. Everyone always asks me, how much do they weigh and i make a point never to lie about their weight. I always usually even will go and do videos and have the scale set at zero and then put the puppy on the scale. so that people know exactly what the size is and that I’m being honest.

Evaluating Teacup Yorkie weight

But I just want to talk about evaluating that and estimating weight. we need to know not just the parent size, but the grandparents, if you know the great grandparents or the great great grandparents. That’s even better. because genetics go five generations back is generally what you can see come out in your puppies. so we don’t worry just about the parents. So breeders who have been breeding a long time usually know these things. so they have a much better idea of what their parents are going to produce and what that’s going to look like.

Teacup Yorkie For $400

Teacup Yorkie paw size

Another size indicator is their paw size. if they have big paws that they haven’t look like they need to grow into them that’s an indicator that they’re going to get big.

So those are some things to consider. You know when size and you think that that weight that the breeder texts you is you know everything, look at their body frame. you know look at their frame are they fat or are they like are you going to end up with a yorkie that has super long legs and a long body but “hey it’s only three pounds but it still may look like a four to five pound yorkie because it’s skinny” and that’s all just genetics. so make sure that you talk to your breeder and that you ask them those questions and look at the frame of the parents. It’s so important because we all want that tiny little purse puppy in a yorkie and you know yorkies used to be bred. You know a lot of years ago, 13 pound yorkies were standard. and over the years they’ve been bred down and the akc recognizes the ytca as the parent club and the parent club yorkshire terriers of america is actually who sets the breed standard and says what size they should be.

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