Vitamins For Occipital Neuralgia


Today talking about occipital neuralgia. The best vitamins for occipital neuralgia are Vitamin B12, Vitamin E & Vitamin C. Also Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Curcumin can be beneficial.

How occipital neuralgia feels like

Every single day I wake up with a headache. It was on my right hand side. it was at the top. It’s like right where your skull sits on top of your spine. that’s where the pain and the tightness was and then it would slowly spread all the way across the side of  my head and it was absolutely debilitating. 

I had even went to the doctor and i was like I need physical therapy or something. I cannot live with this going on and on and on because it just ruins your day right.

I went to the doctor and they said it is occipital neuralgia ( Read this article from NIH about Occipital Neuralgia ) and what we can do is, we can you can try physical therapy or we’ve got some nerve pills. that we can prescribe you. if it doesn’t get better then they’ll do nerve blockers and that’s something i did not want any part of.

Occipital Neuralgia headache

How I cured my occipital neuralgia

I went to a physical therapist. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment and just an hour long session and she only focused on my upper body, my back and my neck. That’s all she focused on because that’s where all my pain was coming from so it was about three days later my headache went away.

Use tempur-pedic pillow

Also during this process I learned that if you’re sleeping like, laying on your side and then you tuck your neck, that’s horrible for this particular ailment. and so I bought a tempur-pedic pillow and it’s made out of memory foam and so when you’re sleeping, if you’re a side sleeper like I am. when you sleep, be sure to keep your neck straight. Just keep your neck straight, don’t tuck it down and you’ll get used to that relatively quickly. it’s still comfortable.

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