All About Honey Lemons


Can you eat honey lemons?

Yes of course. I like eating honey lemons. those are really nice and pleasant. you can put it with cold water and ice you pull the soda water as a refreshing drink. you can put it with hot water so you have like a honey lemon tea. it’s really delicious and there’s so many things you can do with it.

so this is what you’re gonna need.

  • Lemons
  • Honey
  • Small Container

How to make honey lemons

Now I’m using four smallish palm size lemons. and what I’ve done I’ve rinsed all of these under water .Make sure to get rid of any dirt and it also releases a really nice citrusy aroma. Then I’ve cut these maximum five centimeters thick. Because basically they point to kind of candy and you want to be able to eat them whole, if you have too much rind, it’ll give a bit of a bitter taste. Then I’ve just got some lovely delicious honey. It depends on how wide your container is.I’m probably going to use about 500 grams of honey.

honey lemon

First is get a container & i’m going to line the bottom with a layer of honey then we’re going to lay out our lemons to overlap too much. Then add one honey layer and then another lemon layer. Once they completely covered in honey we’re going to put them in the fridge for about two days.

But every about 12 or so hours just go into the fridge and give them a good shake. So about two days that’s when they’re opting to use because they’re nice and candied. The juices of the lemons have come out and then it’s just like a honey syrup. The only thing is don’t let it stay in the fridge for more than three days. 

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