Turbinado Sugar vs Cane Sugar


The main difference between turbinado sugar and cane sugar is turbinado sugar or raw sugar has some molasses still in it and cane sugar is also called as white sugar has no molasses. Turbinado sugar is not bleached and refined like cane sugar.

Turbinado Sugar

Lets talk about turbinado sugar. or as some might call sugar in the raw. Which is not raw sugar at all. So what is turbinado sugar you might ask? Turbinado sugar is not all that different from your refined white sugar. That’s right the sugar that everybody is saying is not as good for you. What turbinado sugar actually is? It goes through simmer processing as white sugar but what they’re doing is they’re not bleaching it and there’s removing it from the turbine slightly earlier. What that does is leave slight trace elements of molasses still in the sugar itself.

Turbinado Sugar

White Sugar or Cane Sugar

So white sugar comes from sugar beet ,sugar cane. There juicing that and they’re evaporating the water away to get this crystallized form of sugar which is sucrose it’s a hundred percent sucrose which is 50 percent glucose and 50% fructose and there’s a lot of different forms of this. There’s confectioner’s sugar, castor sugar, granulated in the white sugar category. So it is something that’s probably most commonly used compared to all different sugars. Well I mean it is something across all of these that you want to watch where it is in your diet. I think a lot of Canadians don’t realize how much sugar is added to other foods they’re consuming that they don’t anticipate there to be sugar in. So when we’re controlling sugar and adding a tiny bit to tea or coffee, that’s very different than looking across the foods you’re eating and seeing sugars in every one of the foods that you’re eating.

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