Stevia vs Cane Sugar


The main difference is cane sugar is almost same as normal white sugar and Stevia sweetener is extracted from a plant and it contains no calories and carbs.

Cane sugar

Cane sugar slightly less refined than white sugar and therefore it retains more color and flavor in some nutrient from the sugarcane. Actually there are only difference between the commercial white sugar and the evaporated cane sugar is that the latter goes just through one last step of refinement .Also in the market we can find right now raw organic cane sugar . Well that’s organic that’s a good thing right. It’s definitely the last process that a refined white sugar and it contains some of their regional nutrients that you can find in the king. So the only thing I can say it’s a better choice than a regular white sugar. But it’s still sugar.

cane sugar


So stevia is an herb and it’s extracted from a plant .That’s how we get the stevia sweetener and the sweetener is actually 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. now it is considered natural and it is considered sugar-free but what’s really kind of interesting is that pure stevia in its unrefined state is actually unsafe to consume. so what you find when you buy stevia in the store is actually the refined version which has been considered safe for consumption. Now when it comes to stevia there actually does seem to be some benefits to consuming it. The first is actually the benefit that it can reduce blood sugar. so with stevia we know it contains no carbohydrates and no sugar. so it’s not going to have any kind of direct impact on your blood sugar by itself. But there’s also some research that suggests when you use stevia it may actually help to lower your blood sugar levels which is really exciting if you’re thinking about using it as a sweetener to help manage diabetes.

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