Brown Sugar vs Maple Syrup


The main difference between brown sugar and maple syrup is brown sugar has higher glycemic index than maple syrup and maple syrup has antioxidants and nutrients than sugar. So its better than brown sugar and but it still increase the blood sugar level slightly.

Brown Sugar

brown sugar

So the difference here is brown sugar is very similar to white sugar. It’s almost identical ninety-five percent sucrose .But it is slightly more hydrating. So sugar does actually hold a lot of water in baked goods which is why it’s using its hydroscopic .Brown sugar has 5% molasses added. So the molasses at the end that by-product gives it its rich color and it has a deeper flavor. You know some people think of it as adding a lot more flavor to their baking. So white sugar you can use across everything. This you’d want to use in oatmeal’s porridges and you want that if you want that deep kind of flavor .But the verdict is the brown is not necessarily better.It’s just really sugar.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup made from the SAP of sugar maple trees. After the SAP is collected then it needs to concentrate.To do that they heat the SAP to remove water from the SAP and it lost most of the weight like 50 to 1. That’s the basic process making of maple syrup. Well I actually love the way maple syrup tastes. Although I try to stay away from it at all costs. It’s a better alternative to just regular white sugar. But it’s still sugar. It contains some antioxidants and nutrients and it’s very important when you’re buying a shopping for maple syrup to get a very clean product with maple syrup in it only. It has several grades and because sometimes they might head to things like high fructose corn syrup into it they live it or not. Read about coconut sugar vs maple syrup


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