Panera Caprese Sandwich


Panera caprese sandwich includes basil and white bean puree, sliced mozzarella, parmesan, arugula, smoked tomato confit (which i think is fancy for sun-dried tomatoes), a balsamic glaze, salt and pepper on a toasted black pepper for kasha. so with that description how could it be bad. right. I did just for a little extra protein and taste. I did add their pulled chicken. which added a little bit of cost to my sandwich. It has about 760 calories


It’s very neatly wrapped. I it’s really big. The pepper taste when you bite into it is absolutely amazing. The pulled chicken is all white meat. not processed.


it’s very tasty. it’s very caprese like. Those sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil or however they do them are amazing. I don’t taste much of that bean puree but you do get the arugula basil taste of all the greens in there and then I think the addition of the smoked chicken pulled chicken just elevated to another level. it’s a delicious delicious sandwich. I have to say.

Caprese Sandwich

I might be a new Panera fan. I would give this probably a nine out of ten. It’s  little pricey so that takes it down just a notch. for those of you that are it’s more budget-friendly. but I will say weigh your budget with your quality. I would much rather pay a few dollars extra for quality ingredients that I know are good for me versus a fast food burger, chicken sandwich that is breaded and processed and mass-produced that not only is high caloric, but full of chemicals. i would much rather put this type of shredded white breast meat chicken in my body than a processed chicken breast food.

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