Laser Genesis vs Clear and Brilliant


The main difference is laser genesis more focused to cure acnes and clear and brilliant laser focused to improve skin from the inside out.

What is laser genesis?

One of the popular treatments in our practice these days is laser Genesis. laser Genesis is a micro pulse 1064 laser energy that is delivered in such a way that stimulates new collagen production. so it’s helpful in treating acne scars and it’s also helpful in suppressing the sebaceous glands in active acne. so it helps to smooth the skin and provide a really wonderful robust rejuvenation. we have found that the micro pulse 1064 wavelength that this laser delivers is very helpful in reducing the activity level of sebaceous glands which are the motor for acne. In patients who want an aggressive treatment for their acne but do not want to take an oral medicine like an oral antibiotic or accutane or medicines of that sort are open to consider laser Technology.

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What is clear and brilliant?

clear and brilliant helps diminish those early signs of aging. it’s simple it’s really not that expensive. so it’s a very gentle laser and it’s going to improve skin from the inside out. So there’s really no downtime at all. It’s going to stimulate collagen production it aids in circulation. it also improves pore size fine lines wrinkles and Pigmentation. 

what age should people start to consider?

so this is actually great for those younger patients that don’t really know what to do they just want to help with anti-aging treatments. but it’s really good for even our adults as well as far as like 50s 60s.

How long does that process?

This usually take he’s about 20 minutes.

It uses heat and it creates these little microscopic injuries at a cellular level. so our skin has to renew and repair itself. there’ll be a little pink for about few hours up to 24 hours .typically they recommend a series of three to six but that’s gonna depend on the skin the issue that we’re trying to treat.

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