Does sauerkraut go bad?


Simply sauerkraut is fermented cabbage that contain probiotic bacteria’s. Sauerkraut will stay about four to six months fresh. But make sure to seal it properly after opening. It is very nutritious food and have lot of benefits like weigh loss, stronger immune system and improve digestion etc.

How to make sauerkraut

This is probably on the easiest fermentation recipes errors you only need cabbage, salt, a fermenting vessel and a little bit of water to top it off.


After a few days all that bacteria is gonna start to produce gases and all that sliced cabbage is gonna start fluffing up so when this happens don’t be scared get your hand in there press it back under.

Remember that sauerkraut is a medicinal food. But it is still food and it needs to taste good so the longer you leave it the more acidic it’s gonna get if you like an acidic sauerkraut go 2 weeks if you like a less acidic maybe go for days this all depends on the temperature the humidity.

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