Golden Syrup vs Honey


The main difference is honey is a natural sweetener and golden syrup is a mixture of sugar and water. So its always better to use honey instead of golden syrup

What is golden syrup?

Well, it’s a sugar syrup that’s golden in colour. Now the manufacture of golden syrup starts off with this stuff. Just ordinary, simple, table sugar. The sugar that you get from sugar beet, sugar cane is called sucrose. Now to make golden syrup, this sucrose molecule is split apart to give 2 other sugars: glucose and fructose.

The interesting thing about glucose and fructose is that they don’t crystallize very easily from the Syrup. So they stay in syrup form. Not only that but fructose is a lot sweeter than either glucose or sucrose. Which means, you need about 25% less golden syrup than you would do sugar to achieve the same sweetness. There’s also 25% less calories in golden syrup than the equivalent weight of sugar. It’s a double bonus!

Honey on bread

Golden syrup substitutes for baking

In baking, honey is a reasonable substitute. But if you don’t like honey, you can use a mixture of 2 parts light corn syrup with 1 part molasses. 

Golden syrup finds its way into all sorts of recipes like: treacle tart, treacle tart, treacle sponge pudding, treacle tart, treacle sponge pudding, pecan pie treacle tart, treacle sponge pudding, pecan pie and even chocolate fudge cake


honey is a very natural form of a sugar right as a sweetener, unfortunately right now if you buy a lot of commercial honey, it is really not a reliable source and honey has a really good source. It has really a good amount of antioxidants and minerals and nutrients. although it’s still a sweetener by weight. it’s eighty percent sugar but the research shows that compared to all the other sugars, it has less harmful effects on metabolism. so it’s still sweetener if you’re let’s say suffering from acne or high blood sugar, you should definitely stay away from that also never heat the honey out because it will dramatically reduce its health benefits

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