Can you eat lamb rare?


Lamb meat are amazing. You can eat rare lamb. But I would suggest to sear the surface of the meat because it can kill the bacteria’s in the surface. Most of the bacteria’s on the skin and always sear the surface of the meat. But I would suggest to go for medium rare. Its delicious that way.

I love lamb if you like lamb but you don’t really cook it at home. It’s super simple to cook no harder than beef really.


Simple lamb rare recipe

I’m going to go ahead and put on some olive oil and just get it surrounding the whole chop 

I have a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onions and a little bit of rosemary. so I’m going to go ahead and sprinkle on this to all the sides and with the oil that will stick on there nice and easy. And give it a little rub in and now let this sit, you do not want to cook this because you do want a nice medium-rare but you want the center to be cooked. so you don’t want to cook this when it was just taken out of the refrigerator it’s very cold you actually want to let this sit out at room temperature and let it heat up almost to room temperature or room temperature preferably for about a half an hour to an hour even.

I’m going to get a hot pan on a really hot high setting all the way up. put some oil in the pan and also throw some butter in the pan. I like to cook the chops starting on the side a little bit. Next sear this for about two minutes per side. Don’t move it, don’t flip it just leave it there for about two minutes per side and again if you want to cook a little more you can go a little longer but medium-rare it’s really where this turns out to be the best.

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