Homemade DIY Vegan Protein Shake ..

Protein supplement for vegetarians.


Natural Protein Supplement Shake for Vegetarians and Athletics.

homemade Vegan protein shake

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In this, I’ll show how to make a vegan protein shake for vegan people because they don’t eat animal products. Sometimes most of them are in a lack in proteins and amino acids. Because of that, I decided to give them guidance to make a natural organic vegan protein shake that can be made in home by easily. Some vegetarians that are doing hard work and doing athletics or going to the gym need a lot of energy, and because of that, they need a lot of proteins.

How protein come for our body.

But most of the proteins come from meat, fish and eggs. Without proteins and amino acids, the muscles and tissues can be torn, and that may be very painful. This issue is mainly for vegan people because most of them are a lack of proteins in their diet. Hair and Nails are mainly built from proteins, and they are the main building block in our body. Vegan’s also need protein as others, so they need to get protein from different foods.

So protein and amino acids need to grow muscles and repair them. If you don’t know much about amino acids, read my previous article about amino acids. Average requirements for protein is 55g and 45g for men and women. Our muscles can hold a certain amount of protein. So no point of taking over supplements. Low carbohydrate and high protein diets are a way to go all ways, and everyone loves it. So let’s get started making our organic vegan protein shake.


1 cup of watermelon parts / for taste /about 300g
1 banana
1/3 cup low fat cheese
3 ts oatmeal
1 egg
2 ts of peanut butter
1 cup low fat cows milk

Steps to make vegan protein shake:

Simple. put all the ingredients in to the blender and switch on the blender. And after 1 minute wola. protein shake is ready.

This shake has around 40g of protein, and I suggest drinking a cup of this once a day a vegan has to fulfil his protein level easily. This is essential for people who go to the gym, doing hard works and also teens. You can also add almonds and honey for taste, and it will improve the protein level of the shake.

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Good luck.


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