Combing Hair Correctly and Combing Mistakes .


Combing hair Correctly.
combing hair

Combing hair is a day to day habit for most people. But you need to mention some precautions while combing your hair. Nowadays, most of the younger generation like to keep their hair nice and clean. Adopt new trends and fashions and also hair cuts. Hair is something that tells about the person. It has a relationship with the person closely. If someone’s hair looks dirty and tangled, we can quickly say about his hygiene. Not as good as always. We can say he is a very unhygienic person.

Every person needs to have a healthy scalp to have healthy hair. This is common for every male and female. To keep the hair beautiful and clean need to wash hair daily, use hair oils and most importantly need to know about proper hair combing. So now let’s talk about best hair combing hints and methods.

Best hair combing hints and methods :

In nowadays markets have different types of combs, but before you choose a comb, you need to find your hair type. Hair type can be long or short and hard or soft. Convenience, the style also must be known.

2.While combing, you need to think about only about combing. Some people that are in stress doesn’t think about what they are doing. While combing, you need to have proper concentration about combing and your hair.

3.Need to do it slowly and calm. If you do it in rush ,that can be a cause for hair fall.

4.Don’t comb hair while in wet.give it time to dry or use a dry towel . If you have use some oil like coconut oil or king coconut oil. Then it will be very easy to comb and very good for your scalp and hair.

5.Need to comb with the direction of the hair.other vice that can cause hair fall.

6.Rush combing with opposite direction can cause baldness because lots of hair can be loss by doing this. If you don’t have a very strong hair you need to keep this in mind.

7.Over combing is not good for hair also. Two to three times combing is enough for day. Some have habit of combing hair frequently with their pocket comb. But that is also bad for your hair.

8.When choosing a comb you need to look at its tooth. The point of the tooth need to be smooth and round and must not be pointy or sharp.

9.Most people forget this. Need to clean your comb before using. The dirt, junks and hair parts can cause difficult to comb and can be quite painful.

10.One person always must use one comb and comb is not public item!! . If you use different comb from someone else there is a chance to have fungal and bacterial infections. Head lice and dandruff can spread by doing don’t share your comb.

11.If you have rough or tangle or curly hair,use some proper shampoo and use some oil after that. Other vice it can be quite pain full.that makes the hair to move freely and helps to comb. Thank you.

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