Best Cumin Substitutes for Cooking.

Best cumin substitute.


Caraway seeds are the best cumin substitute.
Whole cumin seeds

Cumin is a spice that grows in hot countries like Egypt and India. In ancient Egypt, people use this as a spice. It is available in powder and seed form. Cumin is a brown colour oval or boat-shaped seed. These are used in Indian recipes and also in Mexican recipes like making sauces and soups. Let’s talk about cumin substitute also in this article.

Ground cumin and whole cumin :

Ground cumin is made by roasting the seeds and grinding. Whole cumin seeds are most likely add to the hot oil to infuse the oil with its flavour. Cumin has a warm earthy flavour and to get the best results, it needs to toast correct order.

Cumin seeds have high iron content and antioxidants. Many articles say it will help to lose weight and reduce the chance of diabetes. It is useful for people who are having digestive problems. It also contains vitamin C and A, and we all know vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant and good friend of white blood cells. It is good for skincare because it contains vitamin E and reduces the signs of premature ageing. Let’s talk about Cumin substitutes.

Cumin substitutes :

So if somehow you are unable to find cumin for there are few cumin substitutes. They are.
1.Garam masala or Taco Seasoning Mix
2.Caraway seeds (half of cumin amount/ best substitute)
3.Ground coriander (half of the cumin amount)
4.Chilli powder (half of the cumin amount)

Best Cumin substitute is Caraway seeds.

Caraway seeds also have a strong aroma and flavour close to cumin seeds. It is the best cumin substitute. First, try adding caraway seeds slowly and slowly increase the amount to get the best results.

Chilli powder is a mix of spices having cumin. Try to add half of the chilli powder to the dish as cumin seeds amount needed. Then slowly add more. If a recipe needs one teaspoon of cumin to add 1/2 of chilli powder to it and then continue.

Ground Coriander is also a substitute with mild and lemon flavour to it. It is mild and doesn’t give the spicy blast as cumin.
Garam masala or Taco Seasoning Mix is a mix of cumin seeds and other ingredients. These cumin substitutes can be used as 1:1 ratio. Thanks

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