Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

can rabbits eat oranges

Can rabbits eat oranges? So before that, we will see some nutrition facts of oranges.
Basically, oranges have low calories. Oranges contain potassium, protein and fiber and many vitamins. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium and iron too. Oranges are also rich in manganese,thiamin,niacin,folate,vitamin B-6,pantothenic acid,phosphorus,selenium ,riboflavin,choline,zeaxanthin and copper.
Zeaxanthin is act as an antioxidant and Choline helps to muscle movements and memory improvement. Potassium control blood pressure and vitamin C will help to kill radicals and prevent you from cancers. Potassium and fiber will improve your heart health to reduce the chance of having kidney stones. We all know how valuable is Vitamin C for our skin. Vitamin C will repair damaged skin cells from sun burning. So we learned about something about oranges benefits for humans. So what about rabbits?

Oranges for rabbits?

So can rabbits eat oranges? Yes. Rabbits can eat oranges without health issues. But it must not be a regular food for the rabbit. It needs to be given mixed with other vegetables or fruits. As I said, oranges have huge amounts of valuable vitamins and minerals. So it definitely helps to improve rabbits health. But giving too much oranges is not good for rabbits health. Oranges have sugar also. Most rabbits like to taste sugar, but too much sugar can cause some problems as I said in my previous articles. Vitamin C is not doing any huge help for rabbits because rabbits can make that themselves and other fruits and vegetables also have vitamin C. Always limit fruits with high sugar content like bananas. Oranges have sugars like sucrose and fructose. That doesn’t cause a huge rise in blood sugar content but give small orange portions for additional safety. Too much sugar can cause a lot of problems for the rabbit even for any animal in the world.

Oranges have high acid content, and that can do damages for rabbits stomach if you’re giving oranges first time for the rabbit start it with tiny portions. A rabbit may like to eat oranges. Then increase the amount by small amounts. But remember oranges are not regular foods for rabbits. Mix oranges with hay or other vegetables, and it will be ok.

But what about Orange Peels?

But for me, I suggest not to give orange peels to rabbits. To me, it doesn’t give any nutrition or any health benefit from that. So keep Orange Peels away. Better to keep away the unnecessary risks. Most of us will agree with that. Thank you

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