Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage?


 Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage

So Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage? The short answer is yes. But you need to remember some key points when feeding Cabbage to Guinea Pigs. One thing is there are several types of Cabbage in the market. So they have different health benefits and different nutrients. Before we talk further, we will talk about some facts about Cabbage.

Cabbage Facts :

Cabbage is in the same category as lettuce. Kale and broccoli are in the same group as Cabbage. For humans, cabbage can give huge health benefits. So let’s talk about it. Actually, there are four types of Cabbage in the world. They are green, purple, napa and savoy. Green Cabbage is the most common one. Most of the researchers say that cabbages can prevent humans from obesity, Heart failures and diabetes. Mainly Cabbage protects animals from radiation even guinea pigs. Most tests prove that using mice.

Cabbage has a chemical called diindolylmethane and that chemical helps blood cells to survive from radiations. Cabbage has a chemical called sulforaphane that can act as a cancer killer. Purple cabbages contain a chemical called anthocyanin. It is an antioxidant, and that gives the purple or red colour to the cabbage. Researchers proved that anthocyanin could slow down cancer cell spreading and kill cancer cells. So cabbage is a good vegetable for cancer patients. Anthocyanin also keeps our heart healthy and improve our immune system can digestion.

Is cabbage safe for guinea pigs :

So humans have a lot of valuable benefits from cabbage. So what about Guinea Pigs. Can Guinea Pigs eat cabbage? Let’s find out.
As I said previously, Green cabbage doesn’t contain much Vitamin C, and you know that guinea pigs can generate Vitamin C by themselves. For me, i don’t like to give green cabbage for guinea pigs because they have higher calcium content. So that can cause some problems for guinea pigs kidneys. So i suggest purple or red cabbage because as I said previously, purple cabbage has more nutritional value than green cabbage and has more vitamin C. Also, cabbage is not good as regular food for guinea pigs because of high calcium level. And also give a small portion of cabbage every time.

Too much cabbage can cause problems like bloating, and digestion and kidney problems because of calcium. So I suggest giving one or two cabbage leaves once per week, and that’s enough. Always try to find purple or red cabbage because it has more vitamin C and more nutrients. That will give guinea pigs a good diet and more health benefits. Oh, I forgot one thing. Always wash cabbage leaves before giving it to your precious guinea pig. That will remove unwanted pesticides and bacteria. Cut a cabbage leaves into the 1-inch piece, and so the guinea pig can eat cabbage easily.

Hope you learn some new things about guinea pigs. So I will meet you in another valuable post. Thank you

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