How Much Are Bunnies?


Today I’m going to talk to you about how much bunnies cost. So maybe you’ve heard but rabbits can be pretty expensive. But also there’s a really big range on how much you could be spending on your rabbit. So you could be on the pretty cheap range or the really expensive range depending on your situation.

So that could be free if you’re getting it from a friend or somebody or it could be upwards of $300 through some people who spend a lot of money on certain rabbits. If they find some specific breeders and they can be really expensive. I got my little for 25 dollars. so it was pretty good but you can definitely depending on where you live it can be a lot more expensive. It’s always a good idea to check out your local rabbit rescue then you won’t have to pay money for your neuter or your spay and that’s really really helpful. Speaking of neuters in space that’s also something that you’re gonna have to spend money on. I would say probably about $100 to $500 you could spend on a spay or neuter no obviously those are just estimates I think I’m going to be spending about $250.

How much bunnies cage cost?

The next thing that you’re gonna be spending money on is a cage. So personally for me his cage is $35 which is a super good deal. I got it from it’s a really really good option for a cheap cage that works really well .now you can also be spending on the higher end of the spectrum maybe $200 on a cage whether you’re doing a DIY cage or you’re buying one of those fancy cages which can be even more than $200.

Rabbit fleece cost

The next thing they’re gonna be spending money on is fleece and that’s just for the bedding as long as your rabbit doesn’t eat it. you could be using something else but personally I use fleece and I would say that I spent about $25 on fleece.

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