Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix


Wolf dog.. probably you heard that name right? wolfdog is a real thing and he is a mix of wolf, German Shepherd & Husky mix. These dogs are notable for their distinct physical appearance. They are loyal and intelligent type of dogs. Because they have wolf genes, wolfdogs have strong hunting instinct. They god more denser coat & more muscular body.

Is a Wolf, German Shepherd and Husky a good mix?

Wolf German Shepherd Husky Mix

The behavior of a wolfdog is difficult to predict. Some may be sociable and trainable, others may be reserved and more challenging to train. When you are willing to make a wolf dog as a pet, In certain regions, owning a wolfdog may be unlawful or subject to specific regulations. It is also vital to locate a reputable breeder who has expertise in the breed and can provide proper socialization and training for the puppies. Because they have strong and big body, i think its not suitable to a home with toddlers or kids. Also his behavior can be difficult to identify. It varies based on the individual dog’s genetic makeup and upbringing.

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