Are Chobani flips healthy?


Chobani is a billion dollar yoghurt company. Chobani Flip is their yoghurt production line. All their yoghurts are GMO-free and healthy . The sugars from sugar cane and they don’t use  genetically modified ingredients. But they have some amount of sugar than plain yoghurts

I’d get these Chobani flips again

chobani flips

Strawberry cheesecake. The strawberry yogurt tasted good and really the crunch in this one was the best. It was really good crunch. I’d get that again, I’d eat that. Boston cream pie with the custard clusters. I really did like this one. I will get that one again. I don’t know if i’ll have it all the time but that one was really good. i enjoyed it. Peanut butter dream, for sure peanut butter has to have a place in my household i love peanut butter anything with peanut butter and it obviously makes it better and the real peanut bits in this was just really good.

Then was the red velvet cupcake. the cream cheese flavored yogurt of this was hands down .But this one will probably always be in our refrigerator and then to top it all off was the salted caramel crunch. if you have the opportunity go out buy chobani flips, if you get any flavor get this one it is the best.

I had less taste on these

My do not purchase list is the coffee brownie bliss. I won’t be buying that one again. The yogurt just kind of have a weird flavor to it. It tastes like coffee but it wasn’t that good. Cookie dough is probably my least favorite of all of them again. It was just very vanilla, definitely nothing to write about and then finally on the do not purchase list was peppermint perfection. Now my seven-year-old loves this but that’s because she’s a big mint fan. It was vanilla with a little bit of peppermint, nothing crazy.

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