How old have to be to work at Dairy Queen?


    I just want to preface that every single dairy queen is independently owned and operated which means that things are going to be different between each store. Average age would be around 15. It’s 15 at my dairy queen and a lot of other dairy queens in the area some dairy queens in the states hire at 14 or 16. But I’m going to say the so just call your local dairy queen and ask them.

    Before you start applying you need to make sure you are the right age to work at dairy queen. it comes down to the managers or the owners at the store and the labor laws where you live. for example the dairy queen that i work at the minimum age to work there is 15 years old.

    Dairy Queen minimum hiring age

    The next step is actually seeing if the dairy queen that you want to work at is hiring. So you can give them a quick call or you can stop in asking to talk to a manager and see if they are hiring at that point or anytime close in the future. if they are hiring great it is time to work on your cover letter, resume and possibly a reference list as well .

    This is pretty much all you need and you are good to go visit the store you want to work at and drop it off .when you enter the store don’t just give it to any staff member ask for the manager owner or hiring manager. This ensures that it’s top of mind and you actually get to meet the owner or the manager that will be above you when you actually work there. You can throw in a conversation small talk anything like that now let’s say hypothetically they like your resume and they bring you in for an interview.

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