Are Sand Dollars Alive?


What are sand dollars?

They get their name because back in the day, when these would wash up on shore like this, people thought that they looked like an old US dollar, or a Mexican dollar. They started calling them sand dollars, ’cause they’re like a dollar from the sand.

So, they’re basically just sea urchins, that’s it. And the legs that are right here on the top. You can see the mouth on the bottom. So these guys will just kind of go along the sandy area of the beach in the water, and eat things, and they live for about eight to 10 years.

Are they alive?

So when these guys are in the ocean, they’re basically green or purple. They’re a different color, but then what happens is when they die, they kind of come up to the top and they get bleached out by the sun, and they turn white.

Does sand dollars bring luck?

It has some interesting symbolism that they have, but some of them reference Christ and like, Easter, and some of them reference peace.

What is inside a sand dollar

You can find a bone like a moth inside. This is a bone actually from it. they look like doves, and so people think that It’s like a peace symbol that five doves fly out, but it’s all white also inside. Read about sand fleas

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