Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Beans?

can guinea pigs eat green beans

So can guinea pigs eat green beans? But you need to consider about calcium level of it. Because of that, you need to take some actions before giving green beans to your guinea pig.So before anything, we will talk about green bean facts and nutrition.

Green Beans Facts :

First of all, green bans are rich in vitamin K, Vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber, and folic acid. There are over 120 varieties of green beans over the world. Green beans are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and protein. Because of high iron content, it is essential food for pregnant women .If it can mix with berries or tomatoes that having high Vitamin C content, that will help to absorb iron from green beans. The protein will help to grow muscles, bones and hair. For vegan people, green beans will supply the protein amount that they want. Vitamin A will increase the immune system and vision. Vitamin C will protect the skin and also the immune system. The minerals like manganese will improve bone health.

Can Guinea pigs eat Green Beans ?

So what about cute Guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat green beans? short answer is yes. But you need to consider some points before giving green beans for the guinea pigs. As I told previously, green beans contain calcium and that can be harmful if the guinea pig eats too many green beans. Oxalates are dangerous too. If not consider these, it can cause kidney stones and bladder stones. The fiber content will improve to digest foods, but too much green beans can cause bloating and stomach problems.
As you can see guinea pigs have benefits from green beans. But giving too many green beans can cause some severe problems. The most wanted vitamin for guinea pigs is Vitamin C.

Because Guinea pigs can’t produce Vitamin C by themselves. So green beans will full fill that requirement easily and Vitamin A will improve the eyesight of them. So I suggest you to give green beans a maximum 3 times per week and always give small portions. If you can mix it with other vegetables and that will give your guinea pig healthy and delicious diet. Always choose fresh green beans. i don’t recommend frozen or canned green beans. Always consider that canned green beans have higher sodium content. So if you give those canned green beans straight away to small guinea pigs, that will cause some serious issues to them.So don’t give canned green beans to them. And Avoid frozen green beans too.

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