Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus

Can guinea pigs eat asparagus? let’s find out. But give asparagus to guinea pigs once or twice per week.i will tell about that soon. So before anything, we will talk about asparagus facts and benefits.

Asparagus Facts :

Asparagus comes in different varieties. They are green, purple, and white. They are somewhat expensive than other vegetables in the market because it is a bit hard to cultivate.asparagus have many nutrients and minerals and also low in calories. Asparagus have Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Phosphorous, Potassium, fiber and folate. It also has some iron and riboflavin. Because of folate, it is good food for pregnant women and also improves DNA growth. Antioxidants will control blood pressure,prevent cancer. Because of anthocyanins will reduce the chances of having heart attacks. Vitamin K will improve bone health and all these substances will be antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Fiber will always clean animal guts and increase the digestion process and Potassium will reduce the chance of having high blood pressure.

Is asparagus safe for guinea pigs ?

So asparagus is good for humans, as i said. But what about cute guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat asparagus? let’s talk about further. All these nutrients help guinea pigs to maintain their health.Asparagus also contains calcium. Too much calcium can cause kidney stones and because of that, asparagus should not be a regular food for guinea pigs. Too much asparagus for guinea pig can cause bloating and stomach problems. Always cut Asparagus in to 1-inch piece before giving.All other minerals and vitamins will increase the health condition of guinea pigs.

Always wash asparagus thoroughly before giving it to the guinea pig. That will remove pesticides. Always give raw asparagus, and cooked asparagus doesn’t have many nutrients because while cooking, most of the vitamins destroyed. Always mix asparagus with other vegetables and always give a small portion of asparagus every time. Don’t Give them asparagus more than twice per week.

So I hope you will learn some new things about guinea pigs.So I will meet you in another post soon. Thank you

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