Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherries?


Can guinea pigs eat cherries

Can guinea pigs eat cherries? we all love cherries but is it suitable for guinea pigs? Yes but small amounts and there are some other things also that you need to consider.lets talk about that in detail.

Details about cherries :

Cherries are small-sized fruits that rich in minerals and vitamins. Those are Vitamin C, Copper, Fiber, Manganese and Potassium.we all know Vitamin C is the most important Vitamin for guinea pigs. Vitamin C will improve our immune system and increase nerve operations and Skin health.cherries have antioxidants, so antioxidants can fight with chronic diseases and can also reduce inflammation.antioxidants will help to prevent from cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Studies proved that cherry juice could prevent muscle pain and increase muscle recovery in athletes. So cherry juice is very good for runners and athletes.potassium will increase the heart health of animals and will decrease the unwanted sodium amounts. As I said, cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, and because of that, it will reduce the risk of having chronic diseases.

So can guinea pigs eat cherries?

So it is suitable for humans? But what about guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat cherries? Yes. But cherries are not regular food for guinea pigs. Let’s discuss that. As I said earlier give small amounts of cherries for your guinea pig and give maximum three times per week. That’s because cherries are acidic.Guinea pigs love to eat cherries but don’t overfeed them. If not, that can cause stomach problems, all other valuable vitamins and minerals will help to increase the overall health of guinea pigs. Cherry leaves and stems can be dangerous for guinea pigs because they have cyanide. Always wash the cherries well before giving it to the guinea my recommendation is always given small portions of cherries and give maximum three times per week .it is safer than overfeed. Giving cherries with other fruits or vegetables is the right choice, and a guinea pig can have a delicious meal by that.

I hope you found what you are looking for. So I will meet you again with another excellent article. Thank you.

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