Best Ginger Substitute


Ginger Substitute

This article will describe about the best ginger substitute available. So everybody knows ginger. It is one of the best spices in the world. Ginger is in the same family as cardamom and turmeric. Ginger has a lot of medicinal properties, and it is used to increase digestion. It will also help to prevent the cold and flu. The compound called Gingerol is a valuable chemical in ginger. Gingerol contains powerful antioxidant effects, and this will give a lot of medicinal properties to ginger.

So talking about ginger, it is used for many recipes. In most cases, ginger is used in dried powder form. In south Asian countries, they have planted ginger in the garden to get fresh ginger when they want. Ginger can give a lot of extra punch to the foods.

So here are the ginger substitutes.


As the name suggests, it can be used as any spice substitute. So allspice can be called a swiss army knife in the kitchen. It is a fruit that can be stored as powder form that can be used for many kinds of foods and recipes. It can be used instead of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and many more spices. Allspice can be used if you don’t have ginger powder. You can use the same amount of allspice as dried ginger powder. For example, if a recipe wants one teaspoon of ginger powder, you can use one teaspoon of allspice. So it will give a similar taste like ginger.If you’re going to add 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger powder, use 1/4 of allspice instead of ginger powder.


Cinnamon also has the zesty taste like ginger. Ceylon cinnamon is the best cinnamon you can find. In south Asian dishes, cinnamon can be used in two forms. They are ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon sticks can be used for making rice, and cinnamon powder can be used for chicken curries and stews. For dried ginger powder, you can use the same amount of cinnamon powder as recipe wants.and for fresh ginger powder, use 1/4 amount of cinnamon powder instead of ginger.


So mace is the outer layer of the nutmeg seed. Mace also has the same taste as ginger, but it is sweeter than ginger to me. It is also can be used as a ginger substitute. Nutmeg and mace are always closely related to ginger, so they can still be used if you don’t have ginger. Nutmeg powder also used as ginger. Nutmeg powder goes fine with pasta and sauces.

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