Subway Protein Bowl vs Salad


The main difference I feel like, the protein bowl has more meat and less lettuce than salad. So its like big salad!. If you like to cut some carbs from your diet and increase protein intake, subway protein bowl is good option. protein bowl have foot long’s worth of protein which is 600 calories.

Subway Protein Bowl

subway has these new protein bowls. So these protein balls are a low carb option from subway and it’s actually a really good move from subway. the nice thing about the protein bowls is that they include a foot long’s worth of protein plus veggies and sauces minus the bread. we had enough bread and carbs and sweets cookies all that, we don’t need no more bread!

subway bowl

but prices for the balls guys range from 7.49 to 10.49. they have a lot of different bowl options basically all their subs come in a bowl. price tag for mine was 8.19. so again a little bit of a premium item. but maybe not that much when you think about the cost of a foot long sub. now this is the very nice thing about this bowl. This whole protein bowl with the foot long’s worth of protein is only 600 calories and that’s with the ranch. so that’s actually a pretty good deal. i got the ranch on the side. so that way you can determine how much you want.

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