Agave Syrup vs Agave Nectar


There is no difference between agave syrup and agave nectar. For commercial reasons agave nectar is commonly called as agave syrup.

So what is the agave?

Agave is essentially a succulent plant that grows in very hot climates such as Mexico. It’s also interestingly enough the exact same plant that they make tequila from. Now the way that they extract the agave is by chopping off the lens of the plant and heating them to really high heats to release the juices and essentially the SAP which comes out as agave nectar.

agave syrup

So why doesn’t agave spike blood sugars?

That sounds really great right .Glucose is what your body uses as energy and it is the smallest essential type of sugar. and it is metabolized or used in every part of your body. The other type of sugar molecule is called fructose. Now fructose is completely different than glucose the liver is the only place that fructose can be metabolized or dealt with in our bodies. Now AG of is extremely high in fructose. it’s over 70% fructose. Now what this means and why it’s not spiking our blood sugars is because only glucose will spike blood sugars. only glucose is actually going to make it out into your bloodstream attracting insulin and spiking your blood sugars. Fructose is going straight to your liver and your liver is being bombarded with overdosing fructose. It’s having no choice but to turn it in straight away into fat and that fat gets spread out into your artery arteries and causes very serious health consequences.

Is agave a healthy alternative?

In my opinion absolutely not. The really high fructose content and the way that agave syrup is actually processed is identical to high fructose corn syrup. and we know now how detrimental and how dangerous this mass amount of fructose and high fructose corn syrup is for our health. and when we think about this over consumption of fructose being a key issue in most of the diseases and health problems that we’re having today. I do not want to consume any more of it than I already am in small amounts. And using agave as a sweetener is not a good option.

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