Honey vs Coconut Sugar


The main difference between honey and coconut sugar is honey contains more calories and more carbohydrates than coconut sugar.


Honey is beautiful and honey does have some really interesting values to it. Where it’s grown it’s gonna have different properties and whether or not it’s highly refined. It’s gonna have some of those extra added antioxidants. It has minerals as well and it has some of the parts of bees in it like bee propolis and bee pollen which do have some really interesting qualities to them. But again it’s very high in calories. So you have to watch how much you’re having and taking large amounts of it hasn’t been shown to improve health in any way. I would say that the more unrefined it is it will contain more of some of those extra added plant compounds that we talked about that come from the actual Beehive.

Coconut Sugar

Actually coconut sugar comes from the SAP of cut flower buds on a coconut palm and it’s known by various different names evaporated coconut sugar, coconut palm sugar, and coconut sap sugar. Now with regards to coconut sugars nutritional content if you look at the only internet there isn’t really much information out there silly not reliable information and whatever nutrient value it does have is probably going to be just in trace amounts. so I think it’s pretty much safe to assume that coconut sugar is pretty much like other processed sugars and is very simply just sugar. So coming from a whole foods perspective coconut sugar really doesn’t fit the bill. All it is is they simply just calories. Now when you want to eat a healthy whole foods plan diet, you want to make sure that when you eat your food that it’s not only just got got calories in there but it’s also got all other nutrients in there like vitamins and minerals. For example that allow your body to maintain and reach optimal health. So eating coconut sugar is really not the best way to meet your body’s nutritional needs. 

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