Blue Agave vs Agave


The main difference between blue agave and regular agave is blue agave is specially grow for make tequila and the regular agave is made by mixing two agave types.

Agave Syrup

So popularly in this natural health community when they say you can just pour a spoon and it’s gonna be fine. This is not. Agave is very high in fructose.

blue agave plant

Agave contains high amount of fructose

Well let’s say white sugar contains 50% of fructose and AG of contains 70 to 90% of that . Well if you eat in very very small amounts not frequently that probably shouldn’t you know give you any negative effects besides agave syrup is has a low glycemic index. I guess this is why it’s considered a very healthy sweetener although I don’t think there is a term is healthy sweetener. oh just the bottom line is that fructose doesn’t really raise your blood sugar and insulin short term. but if you continually indulge in egg of syrup and put it in all kind of things you think healthy to sweeten them it will give you problems long term.

For example high amount of fructose is really bad for the liver and in long term it can do big damage for your liver. So i would say agave is not a healthy alternative for sugar or sugar alternative. You can use stevia, maple syrup, honey or monk fruit as a sugar replacement but not agave syrup. It will lead to insulin resistance and eventually raise your blood sugar levels and of course

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