Are cashews a fruit?


Cashew apple is an accessory fruit. Botanically, a fruit is what surrounds the seed. But in cashew, story is different.

Inside cashew seed , you get the cashews nut which we all know about and you take that seed and you roast it and you can eat it like normal cashews. What’s tricky about this is that, if you were to crack this open, there is a very nasty substance that is kind of akin to poison ivy. It was kind of like a dangerous one to deal with.

Cashew Apple

What people do with the cashew apples is usually not eat it straight out. It’s supposed to be kind of astringent, especially like on the outer bit, but you can eat it, usually it’s cooked. They can steam it and then eat it and it’s supposed to get rid of some of the astringency .. and you can juice it, you can freeze it, you can make jams out it, you can make chutneys out of it these do grow, a lot of these are in India and Sri Lanka, so it’s popular in Chutneys there. In Brazil  It’s more used for juices, and you make a liqueur out of it.

cashew nuts
Free rosemary cashews image, public domain food CC0 photo.

Cashew apple taste

It does have like nutty kind of flavor. similar to the Cashew nut but also kind of like a vegetable-ly kind of flavor to it, a little bit like peppers. Little creamy tasting stringy but it’s pretty refreshing’

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