What is a goat head sticker?


    Today we are looking at a punch Irvine plant or goat head plant. These have pretty flowers on them and I thought they were cool until I stepped on some of these called goat head stickers.

    These have little thorns on them. They get into your tires and tear into shoes and they travel wherever you walk and then plant themselves. I think these seeds can lay dormant for like ten years before and they won’t grow any more new plants. One plant can easily produce thousands of seeds quickly. so we have to find a way to get rid of these because they are spreading everywhere. 

    goat head sticker

    How do I get rid of goat head plants?

    You can use little guys called punch Irvine weevils. And they will crawl into the plant, lay their eggs and eat only goat head plants .Directions say to take out about 25 of them and put them in an area that has goat heads. These little guys will crawl around into the new goat head plants out and munch on them and then lay their seeds inside the vine in the seeds.

    So that is how you get rid of goat heads. Get these little critters out once a year as soon as you possibly can and all of these guys will not be a problem for you at least for that year and hopefully the overwinter and do their job again next year.

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