Wendy’s Small vs Large Chili


For me, I think both chili’s are pretty close to the same. Large has slightly more. But not 70 cents worth! It includes stew from peppers , ground beef, tomatoes, & kidney beans and include pink beans, onions, celery etc.

Freddy’s chili vs Wendy’s chili

Freddy’s chilli is pretty good. very good chili ,very creamy, a little bit of heat, not really something that I’m crazy about. 

Famous Wendy’s chili.. also very good. almost no heat at all. It tastes more tomatoey. it tastes more sugary sweet .Almost a little too sweet for me.

Wendy's chili

Culver’s I’m more of a sweet sugary taste .

Freddy’s a very rich and creamy chili, has a good flavor but is a little too spicy for my taste. As is common in about anything I get at Freddy’s the portions are a little bit too small. it’s very thick, it has a lot of meat is devoid of beans. that’s a good thing. portion size was too small and I felt like it was overpriced

Wendy’s & Culver’s very similar in taste. Wendy’s a little bit redder, maybe just slightly thinner. Wendy’s has a more of a meaty tangy taste also has a lot of beans in it.

Culver’s a little bit sweeter I think Wendy’s come out on top and all of them

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