Versa vs Juvederm


Main difference is Revanesse Versa filler is smoother than Juvederm and also easy to inject to the skin. It also gives more natural look.

Versa lip filler

versa lip filler is a hyaluronic acid which is the most common filler that we use. it all comes already kind of pre-prepared a little package here. so it’s very easy to prepare. it does not have to be refrigerated or anything of that nature is essentially ready to go. it comes with two syringes. each one has one cc of the filler or the hyaluronic acid. and it already comes with a 27 gauge or a very small tiny tiny needle.

so the first step is of course you want to clean the areas. we want to make sure we remove all makeup from the areas prior to injection .we use a little alcohol swab. next time she’s gonna place some ice plant an ice pack to the area .so that there’s less pain with the injection.You can use a numbing cream too.

Hyaluronic acid filler benefit

those are the hyaluronic acid fillers so if you choose any type of filler that’s what I recommend you start considering a hyaluronic acid filler the great thing about it is it’s 100% reversible if you don’t like it if you’ve got a lump if it’s too much if you’re asymmetric then the doctor can inject a highly rana de switch ashley melts that hyaluronic acid filler completely away.

lip filling

Juvederm voluma

Juvederm voluma is a is from the Juvederm family and this is a great filler for the cheeks. it’s FDA approved to plump up the cheeks. the face itself it ages in three dimensions.we lose volume in our face as we get older and to reveal you Mize the cheeks to fill them back out can really help a lot of people to look younger to take five to ten years off without actually having surgery .this is a great treatment for it.

great thing about this voluma lasts a long time. lasts about a year and a half up to two years in patients. so you get good longevity. bad thing is it’s quite expensive. most offices charge anywhere from nine hundred to a thousand dollars. sometimes more per siringe and most people need at least one and a half to two syringes in each cheek. So you’re talking three to four syringes total for a maximal improvement .

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