Twizzlers Flavors


Here are the Twizzlers flavors

  • Strawberry: This is the most popular Twizzlers flavor.
  • Cherry: Another popular flavor, These have a slightly tarty flavor
  • Black Licorice: which has a distinctive and bold taste
  • Rainbow Twizzlers: variety of fruity flavors. Each piece typically has multiple colors and flavors.
  • Chocolate: Twizzlers: These twists have a rich chocolate taste

About Twizzlers

So you know Twizzlers is actually, it may be a hershey company now. this is part as you can see here this is from hershey’s Canada. i live in Canada. But it is a hershey’s company now. but  twisters originally are actually from the oldest American candy company. yns candies. 


1845 they started out & when they launched the twizzlers candy, it’s crazy. they’ve been around forever and ever. and then  it wasn’t until the  70s when they were acquired by hershey’s  and then merged. with it you know the company was acquired then they merged officially with hershey’s in the 80s. so twizzlers is a hershey’s product.

Twizzlers started as you might imagine with this black licorice flavor  and then in the 60s I believe they started putting in new flavors  like strawberry and cherry which obviously became very popular. as well as you know a handful of others grape things like that. Strawberry twizzlers are far and away the most popular flavor. 70% of the twizzlers produced annually are strawberry flavored. and as you might imagine those are technically not licorice.  Licorice those are licorice-like candies. 

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