Top 5 Turmeric Substitutes


Turmeric substitutes

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric..many of us know the turmeric. It is a spice used to flavour foods and also used for colouring foods. Turmeric used as a medicine in Asian countries. Turmeric is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is a compound in turmeric, and it has Anti-Inflammatory properties. Anti-Inflammatory ingredients will protect our body from bacterias and also helps to protect from cancers. Scientists also proved that turmeric has an outstanding amount of Antioxidants and Antioxidants can help to prevent damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals are active compounds that can react with protein and other organic parts of the body.turmeric is very good for Arthritis patients because the compound called curcumin is good for Arthritis. If you don’t have turmeric in your kitchen, don’t worry. There are few turmeric substitutes too.

Turmeric Substitutes

As i said, turmeric is a very common spice in cooking. If you don’t have turmeric in your kitchen and you badly need turmeric to your recipe, there are some substitutes for turmeric.So let’s discuss those.

1.Ginger powder.
Ginger is the best substitute for turmeric. The colour and flavour are different, but turmeric and ginger are from the same ginger will bring the same health benefits as the turmeric

2.Curry powder
curry powder is a mix of have turmeric too.if you don’t have turmeric in your cabinet curry powder is the way to go as a turmeric substitute And curry powder is very is to find too.

you might know that saffron is an expensive spice. But it is a good one if you don’t have turmeric.saffron have the same taste and colour like turmeric and saffron powder is the best alternative to turmeric.

4.Mustard powder
The mustard powder has the same colour as the turmeric and has strong scent than turmeric. So you need to be careful not to over add mustard powder for the recipe

cumin has more flavour than turmeric and has a strong cumin powder is also a good alternative to turmeric powder and gives a nice taste and smell too.

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