Top Best foods with Proteins and Amino acids.

Amino acid rich foods and benefits and how vegetarians can obtain proteins and Amino acids.


Amino acid foods
Protein and Amino Acid are heavily in fish.

Nowadays most of people only looking for Protein-rich foods and Vitamin-rich foods. But most of them are not looking for amino acid-rich foods and don’t know about them and their benefits. in this article, we’ll talk about
what are amino acid foods, and what are the benefits we get from them?

Simply these are goodies.

First of all, we’ll talk about what are amino acids
There are 20 kinds of amino acids that help human to maintain good health, and there are nine kinds of them called “Essential amino acids”. They can be obtained by tofu, meat and dairy products.

So mainly amino acids are parts that use to make proteins.when we eat protein food it collapsed into amino acids in our digestive system. First, I said that about essential amino acids. Remember ??

I said that they could be obtained by foods and what about the other 11 acids? Guess what ?? our body can produce other 11 acids alone and no need to enter through our diet.

Are you a vegetarian and thinking you don’t deserve amino acids. Guess what ,you have Plant that gives all the amino acids in single diet.

About Essential amino acids :

This helps to maintaining bone strength, recover muscles from injuries and regulating hormones and has antiviral effect.

This acid helps to tissue repairing and blood cell growing and protects the nerve cells and improve immune system

Improves and protects the teeth enamel and skin.

Keep the nails strong and improve flexibility of the hair and protects the hair

Helps to improve mental focus and mental health

Helps to hormone production and sugar level regulation.

Helps to grow muscle tissues and hair and protects them.

Helps to functions on brain and help other acids to work with the body effectively. Phenylalanine is also a artificial sweetener.

Ladies you want this one better than men. This acid can improve mental health and emotional focus in women.

Now lets talk about best foods for each acids :

Lysine is in Meat ,Eggs ,Soy and Pumpkin seeds.

Histidine is in Meat,Fish<nuts and seeds.

Threonine is in cheese.

Methionine is in Eggs ,nuts and seeds.

Valine in in soy ,peanuts and Mushrooms.

Isoleucine is in Meat ,eggs and Nuts.

Leucine is in Dairy foods,Soy and Beans.

Phenylalanine is in Soy , fish and nuts.

Tryptophan is in Most high-protein foods like Cheese,chicken and turkey.

Proteins and Amino acid for vegetarians
Moringa will give all amino acids and proteins from single diet.

So all are dairy foods, eggs, meat and fish, peanuts, right? Feeling bored. šŸ™‚
In first I said there is a plant that gives all amino acids in a single diet. The magic tree is moringa tree.
Scientific studies say that the amino acid level of moringa leaves has the highest biological value of all vegetable products! WOW.
It is called the magic tree and give all the vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that you want.

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