TomoTherapy Side Effects..

Tomotherapy side effects and uses.
Tomotherapy side effects

Hi. In this article, I will discuss the tomotherapy machine. It is basically a scanning machine that used to cure cancer patients. So it is basically a cancer cell killing machine.
Its job is to destroy cancer cells and prevent them is growing. This is the most common machine to kill cancer cells. But this tomotherapy has side effects too.
Before we talk about it, we will talk about how is this gonna kill cancer cells.

First we will talk about Tomotherapy side effects :

Early Signs of Radiation :

o Skin irritation and skin rashes,

o Loss of appetite

o Changes in your urinary and bladder systems,

o Dry mouth, eyes.

Other Side Effects :

o Hair loss in and around the treated area.

How is this work:

This machine can use against Lung cancers, head and neck tumours, breast cancers, prostate cancers.
The System is the only System designed for integrated, 3D image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy. The radiation treatment is guided by CT imaging. The precisely sent radiation beam conforms to the shape of the tumour while minimizing exposure of normal tissue to radiation. Minimizing radiation dose to normal tissue reduces the side effects.

The best part is thinking if some patient has a tumour in the lungs. So to remove that tumour, we need real-time 3D imaging system because we can’t stop patients breathing. By this technology, this machine can target the tumour in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. So nothing to worry about radiation beams to crash to healthy tissues.

Tomotherapy Sections :

The system has two sections :
1.CT scanner: This enables daily imaging of the tumour to accurate targeting, even when the tumour’s size or the position has changed. The x-ray based images turn in to 3d design on the computer screen thanks to the computing power of the machine.
2.Multileaf collimator: A device with many flaps that open and close quickly to enable, or block, the passage of radiation .then the radiation delivered from different angles around the patient.

The system divides the radiation beams into thousands of smaller beams to deliver uniform doses of radiation to the tumour.That enables precise delivery.

The CT images and computer decides best dose to destroy tumour according to its shape and size.the time will get to destroy tumour is 20 minutes per week in 8 weeks.

So the side effects of the Tomotherapy are the radiation absorbed by the healthy tissues. But this is a very small amount because of modern technology able to recognize the motion and size of the tumour pinpoint accuracy.

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